Total Tank Simulator

Total Tank Simulator is a new World War II battle simulator

Publisher 505 Games, in partnership with indie devs Noobz From Poland studio, will release the battle game Total Tank Simulator in 2020 on Steam, as an emerging team’s debut project. The announcement is accompanied by the first trailer below.

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The game sees players as Commanders, deploying massive armies and watching them fight tactically on intense physic-based battles, while also encouraging them to experience first-line action instantly by taking control of individual units on the fly.

Players can challenge their strategic minds and unleash their creativity on a variety of game modes including, Sandbox, Shadow (survival) and campaign mode, all with 6 different playable factions.

505 Games have also stated they are letting the gaming community take control of the price before launch! The release date has not been revealed as yet.

For more information on the Total Tank Simulator visit the official Steam page here.

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