The Matrix Maverick Challenge & the Road To Pro Final

This past Saturday, (16 September 2017) the finals of the CSGO Matrix Maverick Challenge were held in partnership with Mettlestate. This event was also referred to by the hashtag #roadtopro because the biggest difference between this CSGO event and the others is this event was for the underdogs.

Matrix Warehouse and Mettlestate set this event up with a focus on lesser known teams in the SA eSports scene to try and give them a helping hand. The competition kicked off on 17th July and had 8 teams compete in a round robin style set up. The winning team’s prize? A share of R 50 000 in prizes, social media coaching, a logo redesign and time to speak to, and be guided by, people with valuable insight into the local esports scene. They also gained a wildcard entry into the next Mettlesate competition. This event was all about getting to be a team that can compete within the larger and more professional community. All of the prizes were on the line in the final event that took place this past weekend at the Matrix headquarters which I was fortunate enough to attend.

Side note: I attended this event in my personal capacity, so I am writing from the perspective of your average Joe.

From an experience point of view, you entered through these doors marked as ‘staff only’ like this was some sort of secret event. As you got through there, the buzz of what was happening was definitely in the air. There was really tasty food to be had, friendly faces all around chatting and smiling. Mettelstate people all about their business to make sure that everything was ready to go. Matrix Warehouse and Mettlestate transformed this space into a small studio that was just really well put together. (see below image)

Even outside of the Mettlestate studio the production level was truly on point from their side and you could easily forget that you were in some random place in Alberton.

There was, sadly some things that detracted from the experience. The room the event was hosted in was small and rather warm which to be fair is excusable because Matrix did really well with the space they had. The real bummer was that the projector used for our viewing kept overheating and would get stuck forcing it to need to be restarted. I was lucky because I could still see the spectator PC that was sharing the game from where I was sitting so I didn’t miss out :). Beyond that snag, you could see that everyone put effort into making this a great experience.

Pulse Gaming really gave us a show in their gameplay and was simply unstoppable in there wins, taking Pixel Hunters out 3-0. If you want to see the replay you can visit Mettlestate’s twitch page here to view it. But being there and hearing the crowd cheer and just seeing the shared common interest in the game is infectious. If you ever have a chance to attend such an event, do it.

We have much to look forward to as this industry grows more and more in South Africa. Kudos to Mettlestate and GGWP to Pulse Gaming. I look forward to seeing what is in store in your bright future.

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