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Up your Game – Play as a Shareholder

For most people gaming is not just a hobby, but a passion and in most cases a lifestyle. We all try to do our best to support local and international gaming brands and organisations; however, sometimes these organisations make it difficult to support or reach out to them.

Imagine for a second if we had a way of empowering our voices and making an impact by means of contributing to the growth of our favourite companies and reaping the beneft of that growth as shareholders as well. When you buy a game from a store, that is as much you are going to do for that company until you buy there next game or product. Owning shares in those companies, however, gives you the ability to directly have a say, or at least a voice for feedback and suggestions because you are more than just a customer.

With EasyEquities, the tools for this are there. Sign up to the EasyEquities investment platform and you too could purchase and trade shares for international companies like Activision, Blizzard, AMD, Intel and local companies while making money back in the process 🙂

Select GameNation at registration -> How did you find out about EasyEquities? and get R50 🙂

*Select GameNation at registration


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