Amazon Prime Members Get Free Overwatch Loot Boxes

Overwatch & Prime Loot

If you are an avid Overwatch player and have an active Amazon Prime subscription then between now and 10 September you can simply log into the game and claim yourself five standard Loot Boxes. Loot Boxes contain things like shaders and skins; pretty much all of the stuff you need to make your Overwatch experience more enjoyable.

Blizzard and Overwatch have promised more digital goodies to be rolled out in due time, you can currently get your hands on some gratis Loot Boxes. During October you’ll be able to grab another five standard Loot Boxes and one Gold Loot Box, which boasts even better goodies for you to use to customize your game.

It’s worth mentioning that the offer is only valid in regions where Twitch Prime is available, and you’ll need to have an active subscription to activate it.

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